PT. Anzawara Satria awares that Indonesian coal resources is a gift and blessing given to the Indonesian people and nation. That in utilising natural resources to enhance public welfare as stipulated in the 1945 Constitution, it is imperative to implement environmentally responsible sustainable development for the present as well as future generations.

The company's approach to the environmental issues can be characterized as follows:

- Striving to minimize negative impacts of mining and processing
  coal on the environment,
- Striving to restore the mined out area to be that of most
  beneficial to the local communities through a carefully planned
  reclamation scheme.

We anticipate environmental impacts and their countermeasures as part of our mine planning.

Our management and staff plan as a whole the how and where the open cast mining operations are to progress, what new land is to be acquired and what impact it might have on the water regime, where and how overburden soils are to be deposited and how and where exterior dumps are to be established during the mining operations. The policy is to deposit as much of these soils as soon as possible into mined out spaces. In the mining solution we also decide how fertile or potentially fertile the top soils which are going to be stripped are, and where to deposit them so that their future utilisation is as easy as possible. We also consider geometry of dumps and residual pits, thus deciding in rough outlines how the future countryside will look like. The mining solution is planned and designed for the entire expected lifespan of the open cast mine.
Air protection
To reduce dust generated by coal mining operations and overburden stripping, as well as by their transportation, we sprinkle dusty roads with water truck regularly.

Water protection
Mine waters, i.e. those which penetrate the mine and which are usually removed by pumping, very often have a fluctuating low pH factor, carry with them non-soluble substances and as a rule have an increased content of metals. The first measure is to separate surface waters to reduce the volume of mine waters to a minimum. Mine waters are first treated in sedimentation ponds and then in mine water purification plants which work on the oxidation-neutralisation principle. Removed are primarily iron, manganese and non-soluble substances.

Systematic attention is being paid to an objective assessment of the real impact of the operations on the environment and the effectiveness of the implemented measures.
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Coal Environmental Management