PT. Anzawara Satria headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia engages in all facets of coal mining, from mine discovery, feasibility study, exploration, exploitation, coal processing and delivery to trading. It owns and operates a 3156.8 Ha coal concession in South of Kalimantan with substantial verified mineable surface coal reserves.
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Its main mine sites spread across Satui,Bunati, Angsana, Setarap and Karang Indah districts of Tanah Bumbu Regency in South Kalimantan.
The coal mining concession is about 190 km from the Syamsudin Noor Airport, 2 km from province road, 190 km from Trisakti Terminal and 30 km from Sungai Danau Terminal.
PT. Anzawara Satria's coals is classified as sub-bituminous. The geological characteristics of subbituminous coal in the province is dominated by the grey coloring. There are about 11 seams throughout the concession which is part of the Warukin Formation, with thickness ranges from 2 to 11 meters. This type of formation is low in ash and sulphur.
PT. Anzawara Satria
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Mining Site Office:
Jl. Propinsi Km. 192 Angsana
Kab. Tanah Bumbu
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